“Making Connections to Make a Difference”

Our Mission

The Bridge Church exists to Connect people to God, Connect them with each other and Connect them to God’s work in the world today – all for His glory alone!

The DNA of The Bridge (Our Core Values)

Word Centered
We are a church committed to the authority and sufficiency of God’s Holy Word. We  believe spiritual transformation and conformity to the image of Christ only happens by  the power of the Holy Spirit moving through the revealed word of God. At The Bridge,  you will find biblically centered worship, teaching, preaching and discipleship.

Kingdom Focused
Christians are kingdom citizens. We desire to be on mission with God by proclaiming  the gospel to a lost and dying world in need of life and hope. We don’t exist to build a  cool, hip and relevant local church. We do not desire to be marketers of an  organization, product or experience. There is only one true church and one head of that  church- Jesus. We proclaim Christ!

Community Minded
Discipleship does not take place in a vacuum.​ ​We believe that God’s designed method  to transform our hearts with the word is through other believers and their ministry into  our lives. We value being a spiritual “family” and desire to be a community whose  members regularly speak the word to each other in mutual discipleship. We want every  person connected!

Family Equipping
The God ordained family unit is the fabric of society and is vital to kingdom work. We  desire to invest in our families by equipping fathers, mothers, children, grandparents to  fulfill their God-given roles for their joy and His glory. We see parents as the primary  disciplers of their children and we value older generations worshipping with and  discipling the younger generations. We also desire to be a family to those without an  earthly family. We do not have a team of “professionals” doing all of the “ministry” …we  believe in the priesthood of all believers and that everyone has something to contribute.