Counseling & Coaching Center

Counseling & Coaching Center

Biblical Counseling

What is Biblical Counseling?

Biblical Counseling views God’s Word as the ultimate authority and it is inspired by God to point to the hope and truth found in Jesus.

What we believe
We believe and worship God who created the earth in its fullness (Genesis 1:1, John 1:1-5). In Genesis 3 man sinned for the first time and since that moment man is born spiritually dead and in need of a savior. God sent his son Jesus who lived a perfect, sinless life on earth (Mark 2:11, John 1:14). Jesus bled, died and rose again, conquering sin and death so that his blood covers man’s sin. Man must turn from his wicked heart and confess He is Lord over all, daily submitting to Christ, seeking after him (John 1:12).

How does counseling work
We believe and seek the whole counsel of God, which is found in his written word, the Bible (Ephesians 3:20). We believe that this written word, when accompanied by the power of God’s Holy Spirit is the only hope to change the heart of man.

What will happen during my meeting with a counselor
You will experience that your counselor has compassion and will address your needs
through the lens of God’s word. During your session, you and your counselor will
discuss your hurts and habits. In addition, you will read scripture and pray. Practical
application of the Bible and spiritual disciplines will be utilized in homework for the next
Who do we counsel
We counsel anyone who is 14 years old or older, those married and single. A husband
& wife will counsel couples seeking marriage counseling.

How to set up an appointment for counseling
If you are a regular attender at The Bridge Church, there is a box on the back of the
Connect Card where you can indicate that you’re interested in counseling. Another
avenue would be to email our counselor:
Afterwards, you should hear from our counselor and you will need to complete a basic
questionnaire sheet where you identify the needs that you have.

Cost of Counseling
The cost of counseling for members of The Bridge Church is free. If you are not a
member of The Bridge Church, the cost per session is $20.00.
Should your counselor decide to utilize a book as part of your sessions, you would need
to pay for the book. Books cost an average $10.00.