Women’s Bible Study

Women’s Bible Study

This study will begin Monday April 13, 6:00 p.m.
We’ll be meeting via Zoom!

To order your book, email angela@tbcevansville.com
Cost is ~ $10.50

If you’ve not used Zoom before, I recommend you working through the steps about 10 minutes prior. I did this the first time and it helped me not rush and miss a step. You will be offered to wait in a ‘waiting room’, so you’ll see yourself until I get on since I’m the host.

But! You can go ahead and get on Zoom and look around…schedule your own meeting with folks. I did this with Tonya and Charlie…it was fun!

Here are a couple of ways to get on Zoom:

Click on invite that I sent you. Should be a link.
It’ll ask a couple of questions:
– Do you want Zoom to open Application: Yes
– Alert: You are opening the application Zoom.us for the 1st time. Are you sure you want to open?: Open
– Allow access to your camera (otherwise we cannot see your beautiful face!)
– Check Audio (sound) to connect
– Join with video

You’ll probably need the membership i.d. and password handy.

On Phone:
Thinking you’ll probably need to download the Zoom app. and follow similar steps.
Until He Returns!



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